HeaRTDroid is a rule-based inference engine both for Android mobile devices, and desktop solutions

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To download the latest development release, visit the Bitbucket webpage.

Version 1.3.0

Download link: heartdroid-1.3.0.jar

What's new

  • Important: Improved calculaion of uncertainty over time-parametrized operators
  • Important: Fixed issue with incorrectly evaluation of time-based operators for states not ending on 0 (e.g. [-5min to -2min])
  • Refactoring of UncertaintyEvaluator interface (now, classes that implement it have to implement also time parametrized operators)
  • Fixed cold start problem in evaluation of temporal operators (the certainty decreases, as the missing values are nulls)

Version 1.2.0

Download link: heartdroid-1.2.0.jar

What's new

  • Important: The ambiguous values are retained in the memory until the reasoning process is over. This allows to capure current state during the reasoning process.
  • Important: The time-based operators search for the historical values based on state timestamp, not value timestamp
  • Fixed issues with callbacks not working on Android
  • Fixed issues with time-based operators not including current state in evaluation

Version 1.1.0

Download link: heartdroid-1.1.0.jar

What's new

  • Important: The way the inference mechanism selects the rules to fire changed. In case of uncertainty evaluation, in case of fire all, all rules that satisfies the satisfiability threshold are added and executed in conflict set.
  • Missing fire last conflict set resolution mechanism added
  • Added lacking mathematical operators (sin(), cos(), pow(), factorial(), etc.)
  • Fixed issues with Java 8 API on Android

Version 1.0.1

Download link: heartdroid-1.0.1.jar

What's new

  • Fixed major bug, that caused incorrect evaluation of ambiguous values assignment during inference process
  • Fixed major bug, that prevented from using cllbacks when using HeaRTDroid as a JAR library
  • Interfaces for Actions and Callbacks were changed to better support this mechanisms purposes
  • Builders of HMR+ elements were added that allows to create Attributes, Types, etc. by providing HMR+ code in constructors

Version 1.0.0

Download link: heartdroid-1.0.0.jar

What's new

  • HMR parser extended to use time-based operators and certainty factors for rules
  • HML parser removed
  • Model mutability added, which allows for dynamic changes in the model
  • DataDriven and GoalDriven inference modes added
  • Several bugfixes

Version 0.9.0

Download link: heartdroid-0.9.0.jar

What's new

  • HMR parser added
  • Added WorkingMemory class that represents shared memory for all models.
  • States moved out from the model to WorkingMemory
  • Several bugfixes

Version 0.8.0

Download link: heartdroid-0.8.0.jar

What's new

  • Only one inference mode: fix order.
  • Uncertainty handling mechanism based on Certainty factors added.
  • HML parser based on SAX parser
  • Callbacks and actions based on the reflection mechanism
  • Full ALSV(FD) logic implementation
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