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Context Viewer

Context Viewer is a tool that allows to visualise, and browse data generated by the AWARE framework with an Internet browser.

This tool is under development, but the developer version can be downloaded from: https://bitbucket.org/sbobek/context-viewer


Binding Context Viewer with your database

  1. To run the context viewer, you will need Tomcat server installed, and Eclipse with GWT (see tutorial)
  2. After you checkout the project from Bitbucket, import it to the eclipse File → Import → Existing Project into Worksapce. Select the checkout project and import it. You can also checkout it with HgEclipse plugin immediately.
  3. Right-cilck on the project name and choose Build Path → Configure Build Path…
  4. In Libaries tab click Add External JARs amd add all JARs that are located in war/WEB-INF/lib
  5. Open the Java fileMySQLConnection.java that is located in src/dataviewer/server and edit following code, putting your own username, password and database path:
     * The url string holds an URL to your AWARE database
    private String url = "jdbc:mysql://YOUR_HOSTNAME/YOUR_DB_NAME";
     * The user string holds the username that has access to your AWARE database
    private String user = "YOUR_USERNAME";
     * The pass string holds the password of the user.
    private String pass = "YOUR_PASSWORD";
  6. To compile the project, right-click on it and choose Google → GWT Compile…. The compiled application will be placed in the war folder.
  7. After the successful compilation, create a zip archive of the content of the war folder (the content, not the folder itself). Change the *.zip extension to *.war and copy the file to your webapps folder (in Linux, usually /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/ ).
  8. After typing http://localhost:8080/dataviewer in the browser, you should see the screen below that allows your to browse your contextual data:


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