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Usability study of HWEd (and HQEd)

Below the roadmap of the evaluation process is presented. Detailed description of tasks will be given in the following sections.

  1. Read an article on HMR notation used in HWEd and HQEd editors presented below.
  2. Having in mind the tutorial, try to create the same model as presented therein, but instead of using plain text, use:
    1. HWEd editor
    2. HQEd editor
  3. Fill in the questionnaire for:
    1. HWEd editor
    2. HQEd editor

Additionally, if you are interested, you can try running your model in HeaRTDroid inference engine dedicated for the HMR notation (it is not part of the evaluation study though).

Introduction to HMR and XTT2 syntax

Get familiar with the HMR syntax, by reading the HMR language quickstart tutorial.

Evaluation task

This task does not require form you any knowledge engineering skills. It aims at measuring the usability features of the two editors, so your work will be completely reproductive in terms of building knowledge base.

Having in mind the tutorial, try to create the same model as presented in the figure at the beginning of the web page, but instead of using plain text, use HWEd and HQEd editors.

The models that need to be recreated with aforementioned editors are presented below:

Instructions for running the editors are presented below.

HWEd editor

To launch HWEd, open http://glados.kis.agh.edu.pl/hwed in your internet browser.

HQEd editor

To launch the HQEd editor, install VierualBox and import following virtual device into your VBox: HQEd.ova Run the virtual machine. In console type:

cd hqed

Alternatively you can build it on your own. To do this, type in your commandline:

sudo apt-get install git qt4-default  qt4-qmake libqt4-dev sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev libqt4-sql-sqlite
git clone https://bitbucket.org/sbobek/hqed
cd hqed
qmake && make

Evaluation surveys

Fill in the questionnaire for

  1. HWEd web editor: Online Form
    1. Results: SUMI Reports
  2. HQEd desktop editor: Online Form
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