HeaRTDroid is a rule-based inference engine both for Android mobile devices, and desktop solutions

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 The full model can be downloaded here: {{:​pub:​software:​heartdroid:​tutorials:​urban-helper-easy.hmr|Parking Model}} The full model can be downloaded here: {{:​pub:​software:​heartdroid:​tutorials:​urban-helper-easy.hmr|Parking Model}}
 +You can try running the inference by providing manually values of these attributes with [[pub:​software:​heartdroid:​tutorials:​haquna|HaQuNa]] commandline shell.
 +The comman for running the inference can look as follows:
 +<code bash>
 +java -cp haquna.jar:​. haquna.HaqunaMain --model urban-helper-easy.hmr \ 
 +--tables ['​parkingReminder'​] --inference gdi \ 
 +--initial-state [day=mon,​hour=14,​location=pay_zone]</​code>​
 +For more information on how to configure the inference process, see [[pub:​software:​heartdroid:​tutorials:​inference_config|Configuring inference process]] tutorial.
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